Can furniture production respect the environment?

20 de January, 2020

Aware that the production of furniture raises some environmental issues, our daily objective is, then, to minimize this impact through a set of strategic actions:


1. Certified Woods


All the wood we work with is certified exclusively as coming from sustainable ecosystems. This means that they are wood from places where there is respect and zeal not only for the environment but also for local people. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certificates, essential in the woods we work with, also guarantee the reforestation of the place, guaranteeing the survival of the forests.



2. Efficient use of materials


When we design furniture or interior, we do it in a way that makes the use of materials more profitable and reduces possible losses. The knowledge of our artisans and the technology we have is essential to guarantee this effective management.


3. Natural finishes


In addition to wood, the finishes used must also comply with strict environmental rules to reduce environmental impact. At Moverel we prefer the use of natural oils and water-based products which, in addition to ensuring the durability and quality of furniture, respect the nature of the materials.


4. Water reuse and treatment


Essential in the manufacturing process, we reuse all water in order to make this material profitable as well. Due to the use of some products that can contaminate it, we have an internal water treatment plant to ensure that we return it to the environment as we could get it.


So our answer is yes. Not only can furniture production create strategies to respect the environment and the planet, it provides us with all the materials necessary for creating environments and inspires us daily. Thus, we believe that the beauty of an environment created from wood can only become timeless and valid if it is guaranteed that at all stages of its transformation, its nature has always been respected.